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Welcome to my website - a newer, simpler website than my last one, which had lots bells and whistles with changing images and suchlike, but I could never edit it, it drove me nuts, and my super guestbook went for a walk one day all by itself, never to return, so here I am with a new website.  

I also do have a weekly blog - you can find it by clicking here:  http://www.jackiesimmondsartyfacts.blogspot.com, I have been writing it since September 2011, and it has attracted LOADS of page views, and a large number of followers.  You will also find me on Facebook, just put in my name!  I try to keep both blog, and Facebook page, up to date with anything arty I might be doing.






My studio will be open to the public for four days in September as part of Herts Open Studios event  - Sunday 22nd, Wednesday 25th, Thursday 26th and Sunday 29th. It is an opportunity to see some new paintings, lots more enamel on copper pieces - bowls, panels, all sorts and some ceramics.  This beach image is one of the group of images painted on the spot in Sri Lanka, and below it is a very different Luxor street scene:





One of the nice things about doing an Open Studio event, is that I do not have to work to a particular theme - so the paintings on display will be a very mixed bunch!



There will also be a range of woodland scenes, I capitalised on this year's wonderful show of bluebells in our nearby woods, and have produced a small range of images.  The one at the top of this page, is one of them.




The garden itself is certainly worth a visit - nearly half an acre of mature planting, with 6 ornamental ponds. Weather permitting, you will be welcome to have a wander around.



Do pop along if you feel so inclined.  

If you want the address, just call me on 01923 824180 or send an email.

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